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My name is Rob Hendriks and I live in The Netherlands. Since 1998 I work as an Air Traffic Controller for the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Besides this being my job, I am also a freelance military aviation photographer. Together with some friends I travel around the world to take photos of military aircraft and write reports for various national and international aviation magazines.


Let me introduce you to our other team members. My best friend Mark Verstraaten, a teacher at an highschool and aviation enthusiast since the early 80s. And my wife Angèl Hendriks-van Schouwen, who actually makes the calls where and when we travel. Besides that she also likes photography and horse riding.

Rob Hendriks



Editor / Photographer

Tel: (+31) 6 5511 4570

Mark Verstraaten



Editor / Photographer

Angèl Hendriks -

van Schouwen


Director / Photographer

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